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Joy in the Youth of Novi Sad

Church between Vukovar and Novi Sad, Serbia

Church between Vukovar, Croatia and Novi Sad, Serbia

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Honey in the Hive: Half a Century of a Doggone Good Life

Daisy, English Springer Spaniel
Happy 10th Birthday Daisy!

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Are you a No-Reply Blogger?

Sea Lions, Moss Landing, CA

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Not Just an Otter Day

Sea Lions at Moss Landing.

There are moms and pups in this pile of loveliness.  

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Focusing on Life, Week 9: Knock, Knock

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Triumph of the Human Spirit in Vukovar

What greeted us in Vukovar, Croatia, a stop on our Danube cruise, was unexpected.Bombed out building, Vukovar, Croatia

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