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Focusing on Life, Week 13: Have Faith

Introducing Mama's Magic Studio

I have another SFEtsy team artist I'd like to introduce you to.  Her name is Jen and her Etsy shop is called Mama's Magic Studio
Since I'm in love with fiber I found I loved many items in her Etsy shop featuring wire jewelry inspired by yarn.

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Worktable Wednesday: Crocheting

Introducing Made in the Haight

Today I want to introduce you to a crafter that lives and works in San Francisco:  Susan of Made in the Haight.  
Susan is a fellow SFEtsy team member that I wanted to profile for my friends with children and grandchildren.
Well her business name certainly tells you where she lives and works and I like that.

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Blogging from A to Z in April

Revving up my excitement to return to my jewelry studio I'm going to be blogging like mad in April.  
I'll be Blogging from A to Z every day except Sundays.
There are quite a few that have joined this challenge.

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Focusing on Life, Week 12: Observe the Curve

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Pedestrians Only on Dunavska Street, Novi Sad

Dunavski St, Novi Sad, Serbia
There's something about pedestrian only streets that I really enjoy.  

Google Reader's Demise Means Go BlogLovin'

Focusing on Life, Week 11: the Possibilities are Endless

Ojime beads
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