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My 2013 Pantone Spring

Daffodils just coming up

There are signs of Spring already in Northern California.  Our daffodils are pushing up shoots and rainbows are appearing as grey clouds come and go.

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Walking the Rakpart and Andrassy Boulevard

Budapest is a wonderful walking city.  Rakpart - boardwalk along the Danube, Budapest, Hungary

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Danube Cruise Begins in Budapest

Worktable Wednesday - Hooked Rug in Progress

Hooking wool rug

I started this hooked wool rug several years ago at an Asilomar rug camp.  After working on it off and on for awhile I put it away to focus on my jewelry and knitting projects.

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i heart macro - and I Love Eucalyptus Scent

Eucalyptus up close

This one makes me dizzy!

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Turns Out Butterflies Are Free!

Monarchs flying

We had friends come in from out of town and as will happen we got to do some fun touristy stuff.  This time of year the monarchs in the western part of the United States have traveled from British Columbia, Idaho and Washington to California and Mexico to find their food for the winter, but they are fourth generation from those that had made the trip north the previous Spring!  Imagine having to migrate 2500 miles to a place you've never seen and you're a butterfly!

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Excitement Builds and Spills - We've got Two Winners!

Worktable Wednesday - Finished a Cardigan