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Every Day is Worth Dressing Up in Barcelona

On any given day you'll find some of the most elaborate costumes being worn by street performers on Barcelona's famous La Rambla.  Of all the places around the world I think our favorite street for walking and picking up on the flavor of a place is La Rambla.  You can't beat it for people watching, strolling and eating.

Happy Halloween!

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Just as I Pictured It: a Quaint, Sunny Seaside Town in the South of France

Bandol must be crazy with Parisians and tourists in the summer, but in late October it's downright sleepy.

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Sleepy Hill Town in the South of France

It was late October in the south of France and it turned out to be a really great time to visit.  We found no crowds, but did find many shopkeepers and restaurants eager to sell us their wares and taste their food which is always fantastic in France.

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Tasting Bandol Wines in Provence

The last stop before Barcelona on our anniversary cruise from Istanbul was the port of Toulon in the Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur region of southern France.  Our friends had done some research on the wines of Provence so we fortunately got to tag along for a decadent day of wine and food tasting with some sightseeing thrown in.

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Wordless Wednesday - Happy Pills

Reminders of Spring in Mixed Media Bracelet

When artist lampwork beads catch my eye and I've got some cash I buy them.  I don't always have an idea of what I'll be doing with them, but I enjoy picking them up and admiring their beauty just as they are.

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Wordless Wednesday - Business slow?

October ABS Challenge - a Forest Nap

A Hedgehog in a Landscape by Giovanna Garzoni

9¼ x 15 in. 23.5 x 38 cm. bodycolor on vellum

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Lump-teen-dozen and a-doo-dah day..

Thanks for hanging in there while I've been a little slow in getting out posts.  The next few weeks might be a bit light due to a lot of personal stuff  going on right now that's taking priority.  All good - but just stressful in some cases and time consuming in others or both!

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Wordless Wednesday - Street Freak