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Wordless Wednesday

Autumn Earrings Fall into Place

Our Pacific Northwest ArtFire Guild just had a challenge to create something from a childhood memory of the Fall season.  Even though I'd actually been the one to come up with it (!) I stalled til the very last minute.

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My Pantone Fall 2011

As much as I hate to accept it, it is that time of year and for fashion folks they've actually moved on to Spring 2012 probably! It's time to look at what the Women Colors are going to be "in" for Fall according to Pantone's Fashion Color Report.

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Carrying a Torch for my new Favorite Jewelry Book

I've been signed up to take one of Barbara Lewis' enameling classes in Portland for awhile now.

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I Heart Macro - Honey Bee on Lavender

I Want to Talk to the Animals

It's that time of year again where our neighbors and fellow towns people gather together for the County Fair.  They haven't changed a whole lot since I was a child.  There's still the cotton candy, the corned dog, the elephant ears and rides to make you wish you'd waited to eat your favorite treat.

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I Like to Ride my Bicycle

When I saw this month's ABS Challenge painting I thought about how much I've missed riding my bike!  I grew up in the country and my brothers and I used to ride all over hill and dale and follow local railroad tracks to get to our small town's general store and its soda machine with Nehi grape pop.  That and a bag of Lay's potato chips were the fuel that drove us.

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Wordless Wednesday - scene on crowded ferry

His magazine: Yachting


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I Heart Macro

Fishermen are a superstitious bunch.  They always have favorite lures that when all else fails they pull out for a guaranteed hook-up.  On a recent fishing trip in British Columbia our guide had this marvelous old lure sitting atop the dash of his boat.  

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Wordless Wednesday - Tribal Canoe Journey