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Wordless Wednesday - Tribal Canoe Journey

Paint the Town in Murals

Our small town of 19,000 and the surrounding communities love and support the arts by buying art for all of its residents to enjoy.  There are many examples, but today I thought I'd share photos of some of the murals you can find throughout Port Angeles.  The murals tell the story of our past and our present.

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Pacific Northwest Tribal Canoe Journey

Last Sunday afternoon I was gazing out at the Strait of Juan de Fuca and was excited to see the canoes of numerous tribes making their way to Port Angeles harbor at Hollywood Beach.  I could hear faint singing as they were pulling their canoes along the calm waters.  You couldn't have wished for a better day to be on the sometimes treacherous waters of the Salish Sea.

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Honey in the Hive

Springer Spaniel

Not taking my life's blessings for granted has always been important to me. It has been a way to counter a negative act or feeling with something positive, which often would erase or at least put things in perspective for me.  Remembering even the little sweet things that happen puts me in a peaceful loved and loving frame of mind.

Rather than make this a task that must repeat each week or I'll feel guilty, not the way to go obviously!, you may find a post from time-to-time titled Honey in the Hive.  Those, like this one, will be my gratitude posts.

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Wordless Wednesday - Bear Near the Woods

First Semester Small Metals Class in a Book!

Well almost!  I have a lot of jewelry books in my library.  Not only books on artists and styles I love like Ramona Solberg  and Art Nouveau,  but also many books on process like Tim McCreight's The Complete Metalsmith.

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It's Christmas in July in my Etsy Shop

Brrrrr... It sure hasn't felt like summer here yet.  To warm things up I'm having a Christmas in July sale in my Etsy shop for items found in this section. (note sale closed so links to items are on this site.)  

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Are you on Google+?

Have you heard about this latest Social Networking tool?  I hadn't either until this week and if you'd asked me last week I would've said there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with yet another thing to check or talk through.  I mean, come on!

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Shadows in the Rose Garden

Rose Garden artisan necklace

Natural Denim Blue Sponge Coral Beads from Happy Mango Beads

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Pileated Woodpeckers Arrive

They're the largest of the North American Woodpeckers (since the Ivory billed has not been seen in North America in awhile.)  They're about the size of a crow and they're gorgeous with their brilliant red head feathers and white strikings against the black!  We had a flock of 4 land on our cedar in the backyard and we were fortunate to see them. 

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