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Wordless Wednesday: Monkey on his Back

Red, White and Blue

Almost my whole life when I thought of the Fourth of July images of huge displays of fireworks in glorious colors accompanied by very loud booms came to mind.  If I thought more carefully I'd think of our country's fight for independence, which was sort of like growing up and wanting freedom from our parents wasn't it?  When we got past the you can't be the boss of me stage we became friends again.  With two wars taking our young people in the name of freedom I can't help but make the connection of our intense desire as a

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Do you Facebook? Coupon Coming Soon!

This past week I've added quite a few Facebook fans to my business page!  It came out of nowhere for me so it was exciting to check each day and see the beautiful new faces that wanted to stay in touch with my work. 
To show my appreciation I'm going to offer a 15% off coupon to my ArtFire Shop when I reach 4

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Ophelia's Return to Innocence and Purity

Shakespeare's Hamlet and Ophelia's part in it starts out like a classic Hollywood movie.  So much so that I can imagine even the first sets of audiences in London wanting to yell out in frustration when one or the other doesn't profess their love for the other.  At least in a Hollywood love story we are usually rewarded in the end with the hero and heroine's embrace and love ever after.  But alas, this is a tragedy.

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Wordless Wednesday

Favorite Flowers come in Periwinkle


One of the delights of our home on the Olympic Peninsula were the number of flowering plants the previous owners planted that were in my favorite color.  I now know that no matter where we live I'll

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Farmer's Daughter Gets a Barbed Necklace

Leather barbed wire by Honey from the Bee

I'm not a farmer's daughter, but I did grow up on 40 acres in Virginia out in cattle country.  There's something about driving through America's farmland that gives me a sense of freed

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Expect the Unexpected in Italy - Part II

Although our tour included lunch later at a farmhouse turned tourist attraction we decided to find out what porchette was after our guide pointed out a little butcher shop.  He said the sandwiches were divine and a local specialty.  Pork?  How could we pass it up?

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Expect the Unexpected in Italy - Part I

... continuing on our Istanbul to Barcelona cruise, we stop at the port for Roma:  Civitavecchia.  Although there is a tremendous amount of history tied to this port most cruisers disembark for transportation to visit Roma or other Lazio regional destinations.

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Working on the Chain Gang

I tasked myself with creating some new earrings for my shop this week using my supply of vintage and interesting chain.

(click on caption below earrings to see in shop)

  Aqua dangle earrings by Honey from the Bee

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