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Red Cross' Haitian Earthquake Relief Receives Donation

It's that time of year where I start closing my books and sending out checks to charities that have benefited from sales of my handcrafted jewelry.  A HUGE Thank you to those who bought from me in the first four months of 2010!  Some of you may remember my post on the Haitian Earthquake, but for others that do not:  From January through April of 2010 I was donating 10% of my jewelry sales to the Red Cross specifically for the Haitian Quake relief.   I a

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Growing up with The Sound of Music

When I saw that Oprah was going to have a reunion of the cast members from The Sound of Music I had to tape it.  I watched it this morning and cried nostalgic happy tears over my coffee.  Christopher Plummer is as handsome as ever and I'd still want him to sing Edelweiss to me.  Julie Andrews is as pretty and poised and lovable as ever, too.

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It's Usually Not That Easy Being Green

A holiday notice to our family and our old and new friends around the world who are asking where our usual timely holiday card might be:  I wish I could say it's because I planned on being green this year, but the real reason has more to do with the holiday coming faster than I was prepared for it and our dogs having a little bit of fun while I tried to get a cover shot!  As a result I'm coincidentally green!

Awwww c'mon, give me a litte kiss.


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Holiday Thanks Continues

Customer Appreciation Sale continues through December 31, 2010!

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Topkapi Palace Patterns - Turkish Delight

Have you heard of Turkish Delights?  For those in the states, they're sort of like Applets and Cotlets, but can be a whole lot better!  Our hotel gave us a mini-box of them - one was pistachio, can't remember the other flavor, but it was delicious as well.  The pistachio one was amazing.  Soft with a dusting of sugar and such flavor!  Sort of like a Jelly Belly kapow compared to a jelly bean.  Wonder if there's a place to get the real ones here.  Anyone?

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Have you heard? One World One Heart Event 2011 will be final year!

As a relatively new blogger I hadn't heard of this international blogging event before, but just the name pulled me in.  As a traveler I know that the more we meet people from around the world the more one knows that all each of us wants is love, health, plenty

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Shopping in the Grand Bazaar and Beyond

I was so utterly unprepared for the shoppers' paradise of the world.  This despite a friend giving me a map of the Grand Bazaar and a list of vendors outside the bazaar that she could vouch for that sold everything from handmade woven rugs to leather goods before our trip.  What was wrong with me?  I don't know.  Clearly I was worrying too much about the flights or something.

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My Etsy Holiday Wish List

For my EtsyBloggers team blog carnival for December we're posting our Etsy Wish List in the form of a Treasury.  It was fun going through some of my favorite stores to create this, but if I get some more time I'm going to check out the new Circle thing on Etsy and see if I might get introduced to some more shops with new wish list items!

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It's What is Inside that Gives it its Name

The Sultan Ahmet Mosque is better known as the Blue Mosque, because of its incredible interior.

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