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Places of Worship Inspire


The architecture and art of some of the world's largest places of worship never fail to bring tears to my eyes.  It doesn't matter what traditions the members practice, I can feel the intense love, joy, and sorrow that has been celebrated, spilled and comforted with

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Twentieth Anniversary Trip Begins in Istanbul

The travel to piece of this Mediterranean cruise is well worth forgetting after the zipper on a brand new piece of luggage failed en route to the airport and after the jet lag one feels at our age when traveling to a country that is 10 hours ahead and after spending almost 21 hours either in the air or in an airport. 

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Strolling Main Street for Christmas

Jan Tanis of Rose Haven has a beautiful blog.  She has a holiday tradition of running a Stroll through the Shops for Christmas.  She asked me if I would like to be a part of

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Previous Customers Get Some Love

If I had a retail shop selling jewelry that others made and you shopped with me, I would appreciate your patronage a lot, a whole lot.

Carnelian, Painted Jasper, Ocean Jasper artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

Painted Desert artisan necklace (SOLD) 

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Inspiration: The Action or Power of Moving the Intellect or Emotions

Coral Sea Garden artisan pendant (SOLD)

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Join me in Planting a Billion Trees?

Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula, WA

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Welcome to my New Followers

I'm humbled and excited with a bit of nervous energy with the new followers who have joined me lately.  I have got so many new posts planned on my travels, local news, and of course updates on what's going on in my studio.  I hope to live up to your expectations and make it worthwhile stopping by.  I love comments and your stories.  They inspire me and sometimes touch me deeply with the connection we're making via cyberspace!

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Four Questions

This was new to me, so if it's new to you...  I recently received a blog comment that I had been linked to a post on another blog.  I dutifully clicked on the link and found I'd been tagged to answer four questions.  This was kind of fun, as it introduced me to an admirer through their blog as well as three other b

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