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County Fairs are for Connecting with Your Community

Our recent county fair sort of drove the point home that we're still not one of the Clallam masses.  We've had folks look at us a little funny when they hear we don't own a tractor.  We're getting the feeling that to really be considered a local (or one of them) one has to own one.  It doesn't

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Feeling Nostalgic for the Beach

With the Gulf Oil Spill chill hovering over all of us still and the end of summer nearing, I can't help but be a little nostalgic for those hot gritty sunburn kind of beach trips of yore.  Adults and kids just all seem to have the perfect time.  It didn't seem to matter i

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White Clouds and Colorful Sunrises

White Clouds

High flying fleet of billowy boats,

Quietly cruising celestial seas.

Windblown wads in whimsical shapes,

Gracefully riding the heavenly breeze.

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Is this the last of summer? I hardly knew ya!

Circus Tents (SOLD)

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Worn Tiles, Fleur-de-lis and Blue-Greens

Mediterranean Artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

Why do you have to have all this stuff in your studio asks my husband?  Well, actually "stuff" is not the word he uses.

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My One and Only Summer Job

Childhood Memories Influence My Work

Have you been watching Bravo's Work of Art?  It's the ONLY show on television in the last 10 years at least where I do absolutely nothing while watching it.  No knitting, no flipping through a magazine, no talking, no eating, no beading...nothing. &nb

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I'm now a Certified Handmade Artisan on ArtFire!


ArtFire recently opened up their application process for becoming a Certified Handmade Artisan.  To apply all of your items must be handmade by you.  You also have to send in a photo of your main studio space and a work in progress.  Within a week of my application I heard the wonderful news

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