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Celebrating Summer with ArtFire Discount

Hot Air Balloon Pendant by Honey from the Bee


Through Sunday, June27th, you can get a 20% discount on all non-sale, handmade by me, jewelry items.  Sale only valid in my ArtFire Shop (now closed). Use coupon code "HFTBSummer"

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My Whole Family Sacrifices for My Art

I've got a very supportive family.  I sometimes forget to give them full credit for the sacrifices they make for my art.

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Breach of Trust Found Object Necklace

Statement necklace

Within days of the spill I was finding myself depressed and feeling helpless and maybe even a little hopeless.

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Work of Art on Bravo - fascinating

Bravo's new reality show Work of Art:  The Next Great Artist is riveting to me.  I have to admit I had my doubts about a reality show to find the next great artist.  Don't great artists have to pay their dues?  Struggle?  Is visual art something that can be handled like aural art ie.  American Idol?  (Is aural art a real term?!)

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Northwest Spring Mixed-Media Necklace is Born

Northwest Artisan Necklace by Honey from the Bee
When you can start with a Lisa Peters' stoneware cabachon one cannot help but be inspired!  After playing around with many different colors of seed be

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Why does designing take so long?


Decisions, decisions...  There are umpteen decisions to be made even after you think you've got the most beautiful idea for a new piece of jewelry!  Each decision you make will affect the look, the mood, the wearability, the audience, etc.  For me, some of those decisions need to soak for

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Gulf Oil Spill Inspires Artisan Necklaces

Evil Eye Artisan Necklace

Like hundreds of thousands of folks throughout the U.S. I have been crushed and horrified by the damage caused by man's greed and our dependence on a fuel source that quite literally is destroying lives.  The worst of man's nature and the best continues to play out in the Gulf of Mexico.  I'm afraid and so sorry that it will play out well into our children's children's lifetimes and perhaps beyond.  We need clean renewable energy now!  Are you listening lawmakers?!

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