Sunday, August 25

Focusing on Life, Week 34: Add Something!

This week Sally, our photography challenge leader, wants us to use photo editing software and add something... something digital...  to our photo(s.)  Hmmmm...

scanned Kodak photo
shadows and brightness adjusted
diffuse glow edit

One of my cousins asked me if I had a photo of the family cabin in New York that we all used to go to and I found it!  I couldn't help but use this photo in this week's challenge, because it brought back so many good childhood summer memories.

I've written about them before, about how my Grandfather made this cabin out of a shed and that only the grandchildren were allowed to spend the night.  During the day we'd pick blackberries, find crawdads, and slide down the original water slide - a creek with just the right amount of water and slick big rocks.

It's the memories of spending time with my Russell cousins that prompted me to use the photo though.  They added joy, adventure and unconditional love to our lives.  We saw their lives as idyllic and just spending time with them lent a normalcy for a time.  I miss them even though we do connect on Facebook.  To my cousins I am sending this love letter post.

Let's go see how others have manipulated their photos in this week 34 of Focusing on Life, shall we?:


  1. that is awesome Janet! Those are the best kind of memories ... the ones from childhood, from cousins, grandparents, and of course summer!

  2. Oh yes this looks like those Kodak photos! So fun! And I'm glad you have so many wonderful memories with your cousins. I don't think that happens much in today's fast paced living though we try to get togehter with my sisters and their children on a somewhat regular basis.

  3. So are you in the photo or did you take it? What happened to the cabin? Is it still in the family?

  4. i am a sucker for a cabin and for cabin memories. what a wonderful escape that place was for you~full of nature and sheer fun and love. those kind of memories are a blanket for the soul.

  5. I love your photo and story! Such great memories. :)

  6. Islandgirl, the photo is of my Russell cousins. The cabin was still there over 10 years ago when the cousins went there to check it out, but I don't know if it is there now. Sadly it's no longer in the family. There's more to that story, but I need to find the video footage to tell it.

  7. What a great photo and what a great post! I wish I could go back to those easy summer days as a kid!


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