Saturday, August 17

Focusing on Life, Week 33: In Season

This post is part of a year long photography challenge called Focusing on Life being hosted by Sally of the Studio Sublime.  Participants get a photo prompt weekly to inspire us and then we do a post about it every Saturday.

"So what happened to weeks 31 and 32?"  Ummmm vacation!  Actually I can only claim that one of the weeks was affected by our annual salmon fishing trip to Canada, but let's just say life instead.  You know, the unexpected, both good and not so good.  Life doesn't stop though and with social media and the internet you realize even more that your life is barely a speck on the scope of what's happening in the world.  And pain and troubles are all relative...  One learns that you catch up when you can and let lots pass you by.

As a youngster one sees summer vacation begin with a sense that it will go on for a very long time filled with bike rides and ice cream, but before you know it school is around the corner with structure and homework.  But as an adult I still remember how wonderful it felt to be in the midst of that seemingly endless summer.

Concentrating on becoming one with the fish.

We were fortunate to have two teenage boys with us for a few days this past week as we hosted a visit with their father.  He is recovering from cancer treatments and it was an easy way to give them a special escape together.  I say fortunate, because these two young men were a joy to have around.  They offered to help every chance they could and participated with the adults in all the lake-side activities which made us feel younger, too.  In other words, for this childless couple, it was a breeze.

Water, family and fishing heals.

First time fishing, life long fisherman.

Both boys were first time fishermen!  They couldn't have had a better day to enjoy the water and learn about catch and release from my husband and their guide.  Knowing that what they released would have a chance to grow bigger and make more babies for next year started to make sense to them.  However they did enjoy a fun shore lunch of those they kept.

Yum, fish tacos!

Let's go see what's In Season with the other participants!


  1. great post Janet! yum indeed! fish tacos are my fav! and the boys look like naturals out there fishing

  2. Great photos!! I'm so glad your boys got to spend time together. Wishing you peace and healing.

  3. My husband is an avid fisherman, and we keep the ones big enough to fillet. That sends a lot of them back to the water. Fresh fish is soooo good.

  4. Beautiful post - where in Canada did you go fishing?! I'm glad to hear you've been an oasis of peace for the family of new fisherman: wishing you and your family all the best there is!

  5. Love the picture of the young man in orange. He looks so proud of his catch.

  6. wonderful pics and a great post! thanks for stopping by already - the weekend just got away from me, and it's already Monday afternoon - eeek!!!

  7. i made it back in time for a fishing appropriate :-)
    it looks like a relaxing and enjoyable time was had by all. the boys and their Dad will always remember this vacation.

  8. Summer and fishing go hand in hand :)
    How great of you to host the family and give them a great memory!


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