Thursday, April 18

P is for Public Art #atozchallenge

It takes artists and a community that supports the arts to make a town more interesting and beautiful to live in.  For several years now I've been admiring the painted utility boxes throughout Capitola and the Santa Cruz area.

I love this sunflower one with character in every flower.

This one inspired by old advertising posters is outside the local Safeway:

My favorites though are those by local artist Bruce Harman.  He won a competition in May of 2009 and ended up getting to paint eight around and near the Capitola Mall.  They all have a Monterey Bay theme.

Detail of his Sea Bass
Love the colors in each stroke!

And one can't do Monterey Bay without a Sea Otter!

I did spot a surprisingly plain green one on one of our main drags just this past week.  I don't know how it got missed, but it's a blank canvas for someone!

For a few more photos check out this UC Santa Cruz post.

How does your community support the arts?


  1. What a neat idea to brighten up the town! Omaha, NE has large silos all painted up when you cross the bridge back into Iowa...they're so cool!

  2. oh those are great! that is something I miss about CA! all the local art

  3. I always love art sitings! Though when I was in California many years ago, there was a big controversy about of them. Santa Monica had paid an artist for a sculpture and he put up these giant rusted fishing weights on a stand. If memory serves, they were upset because it didn't look like much compared with what they spent.


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