Wednesday, March 13

Worktable Wednesday - Knitting, Crocheting, Beading

The last couple of weeks I've been loving to knit and crochet with Koigu!  It slips through my fingers and the resulting fabric is delicate and sturdy at the same time.  The first two crescent shaped scarves I knitted.  

Filomena ScarfManufactured by: Marian Nelson-Patternwrite

They wrap elegantly around one's neck in a number of ways and their shape and length make them less likely to slip off or dip into a puddle.

Frieda scarfManufactured by: Marian Nelson-Patternwrite
available for $6 on Ravelry

A couple days ago I started a crocheted scarf also by Marian Nelson called Melrose.  I fell in love with the colors and texture and love how quickly it works up!

The other item I've been working on is a cuff kit from Laura McCabe.  Many years ago I had one of my favorite workshops with her.  Her easy going manner and abundant talent with colors and design thrilled me.  I love that she uses unconventional materials like prosthetic eyes, but uses a historical perspective from her background in costume design.  To me she's a rock star in the beaded world.  From time to time I've bought kits from her so I could wear her designs using my labor.  However, finding the time to just relax and bead for myself doesn't seem to come up often enough.

Smart Cuff
design by Laura McCabe
stitched by me

Since I have some ideas for cuffs of my own I thought I'd do Laura's cuff as well as one by Sherry Serafini (another rock star that I dream of taking a class with!) to have some success and ideas on sizing and form.  A good excuse, no?

So what I want to know is whether you make things for yourself.  If you're a handmade shop owner:  how and when do you fit in the time?  Do you treat it as a training exercise or purely as pleasure?

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  1. Beautiful scarves! I love the design on the last one.
    I had to laugh at the prosthetic eyes!!!

    Since I've started making jewelry, I do make pieces for myself. But I haven't made myself a scrapbook layout or album in YEARS!

  2. Beautiful work!! I'm stopping by from "What I Made" linky.
    I have a homemade shop & I treat my work as both training & pleasure.

  3. Those scarves are gorgeous~the colors and texture and shape...just beautiful!
    You took a class with Laura McCabe?! What an awesome experience that must have been. Your cuff from her design is wonderful. I really like the height and the shape of it.

  4. Oooh! Love that Melrose scarf!
    I rarely have time to make things for myself. I have sewn over 500 oven mitts and my own is a cheap one bought at Target years ago that has definitely seen better days!!
    I DO carve out time to make things for grandkids, however. Yesterday I finished a key fob for grandson Daniel, who turns 16 this month (for CAR keys). And I made a train book bag for soon to be 5-year-old grandson, Garrison. Graddaughter Erin's graduation quilt will probably not be finished by May -- maybe September.

  5. I love the unique shape of the scarves. This really adds to the versatility! The cuff came out amazing. What a great idea of Laura making kits.

    It is difficult finding the time to sit down and make new pretty things. I work full time and run a business that is like a second full time job. Every day is a challenge and free time is not really part of it at the moment!


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