Saturday, March 16

Google Reader's Demise Means Go BlogLovin'

Have you been comfortable reading the blogs you follow on Google Reader?  You probably know that Google is shutting Google Reader down on July 1, 2013.

However there is an alternative that's also been around for quite some time and isn't going anywhere.

Follow on Bloglovin

They make it easy to follow your favorite blogs.  Why use a reader?  

Bloglovin' About Us will tell you why they created it.  

If you like to read several blogs (or like me a whole bunch!), but don't always remember their names or URLs - this is for you!

You will also be able to favorite posts, check out popular posts of blogs you may not be following, see top blogs of the moment, etc.

To follow my blog on Bloglovin' click link below:

Follow on Bloglovin

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